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Just Chew

Your CévaSlim will be shipped to you monthly. Each daily pack contains 8 pieces of delicious minty vanilla gum. Chew 10 minutes before meals or throughout the day to fight off snack attacks! It's that easy!

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Our clinically proven formula will start working minutes after you start chewing CévaSlim. Enjoy the foods you love while feeling full sooner & reducing your portions.

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What is CévaSlim

Specially formulated gum with natural active ingredients that start working FAST - curbing your appetite to reduce caloric intake while you enjoy the foods you love!

CévaSlim has taken the work out of appetite and craving control!

Just chew the delicious minty vanilla gum between meals to avoid overeating and snacking. No dieting, no special foods - eat less and see results!

Try our all natural,
fast-acting gum today!

CévaSlim - powered by X8 Brands The Leaders in Performance Gums

All Natural Active Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Extract are combined with our patented gum technology that allows for fast and full absorption of all natural active ingredients clinically proven to curb appetite. Within minutes your appetite will be reduced so you can enjoy a smaller portion of your favorite foods.

Garcinia Cambogia

A natural ingredient that reduces appetite by raising serotonin levels. This ingredient will curb appetite while improving mood and assisting in preventing "emotional eating."

Green Coffee

CGA inhibits the formation of glucose in the liver, absorbing fat from food intake while activating metabolism of extra fat and is a naturally occurring ingredient.

  • Appetite Control Helps Manage Portions
  • Mood Enhancer aids in preventing Emotional Overeating
  • Energy Boost to power your workout!

"The hardest part of losing weight for me was still feeling hungry after eating my reduced calorie meals but CévaSlim fixed that! Now I chew a piece before each meal and I feel full fast. I finally have control over my portions and seeing results! "
Kathy H.

The Science Behind CévaSlim

At CévaSlim we believe weight management is
not Magic it's Math!

Try our all natural,
fast-acting gum today!

CévaSlim - powered by X8 Brands The Leaders in Performance Gums

  • We only use premium clinically proven ingredients.

  • Our chewing gum is patented performance gum NOT candy.

  • Our unique natural formula and delivery system is scientifically proven.

  • Gives you the results you want fast.

Real People, Real Results

  • "I've been dieting my entire adult life, so I was happy to find CévaSlim. Not only has it worked fast and helped me keep off the weight, but it's discreet to use - and no one even knew I was working on losing weight!"

    Nicole M.


  • "I couldn't lose weight after my daughter was born. Then my sister recommended CévaSlim. She knew I wanted to use a product that was safe and natural. I couldn't believe I lost weight the first week! CévaSlim gave me my body back and kept me energized so I could keep up with my active 1-year-old!"

    Ella D.


  • "I packed on 15 pounds my freshman year of college. I am now a sophomore and I share a small dorm room with three other girls. CévaSlim has helped me lose weight even though I'm eating the same foods as my friends. I'm back to my preferred weight and continue to chew CévaSlim to keep the weight off!"

    Kathy H.


  • Easy and Fast Acting
  • Helps Control Portions &
    See Results
  • Power Your Current
    Weight Loss Program

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